Good News: Social Sign-in has returned

Last week I found that a number of provider profiles were displaying some cosmetic errors, with the pages showing their full content (description, reviews, details, everything) twice! While the error was only cosmetic, I want to make this the best place for you to be finding and sharing your experiences of the best providers. Keeping with this aim, the social sign-in feature that lets you log in to Care Navigator with your favourite social network was removed and revamped. I’ve now added the feature back after some digging and helping hands (kind thanks to Rashid for helping identify the cause and Claude for the solution).

I’m really pleased to be able to keep this feature to help give you the easiest way to log in. Of course you can continue to use the site and leave reviews without logging in, simply add a name to be shown with your review and your email address. Your email address won’t be shown on the site, it is used to notify you of replies to your review and to help protect the site from spam.

Social Login Care Navigator
Social network sign in buttons for Care Navigator

To log in to Care Navigator using your social network, simply click on your favourite network in the review section and follow the prompts. We are starting with Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter. If there’s other networks you’d like to sign in with, please let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to accommodate your wishes.

Safe Navigating,