How are search results ordered?

The most significant factor in determining search result order is reviews.

Our purpose is to help people share their experience and recognise the best care providers in their area. Sharing your experience by giving a review to your favourite provider is a really effective way to help other people in your community make informed choices about their care. As such, reviews play a key role in the way our algorithm ranks search results each time you search for NDIS providers on

In addition to reviews, there are a number of other factors that also contribute to the Care Navigator search algorithm including provider descriptions, location and other content. These are in place to help give you relevant results each time you search.

However, we believe that reviews and the experiences people share are key to helping each other find great NDIS providers. You can help. Every review you give helps improve our search results and helps people like you find great providers.

Help improve our search results by giving your favourite provider a review