You’ve got a great provider to review… now what?

Finding a great provider can feel like winning an olympic gold medal. You might have struggled for years through less than amazing services to finally triumph and secure an incredible provider who just gets you… or you may have gotten lucky like Steven Bradbury.

[image description: GIF of Steven Bradbury winning gold for Australia at the 2002 Winter Olympics]

Finding the right words to share your experience can be difficult, so we’ve put together some key things to include to make your review great.

Tell your story

It might sound silly, but we are a community and we really do want to know about your experience. It doesn’t need to be a full life story, just the basics:

  • how you came to find the provider
  • how long you’ve used their service
  • what made you decide to give them a review and
  • why you are (or aren’t) recommending them

Who are they for

We are a broad and diverse community. A service provider who may be great supporting someone with deafness may not be as good at supporting someone with autism. Equally are they great with young people? Children? Adults? It really helps our community to grow when you can share who this provider suits (or doesn’t).

Keep it professional

When you have an exceptional experience (good or bad) you may feel more inclined to write about the specific member of staff that contributed to your experience. It’s important to be clear that you are sharing your experience of the business, not critiquing the person. So rather than saying ‘Sam at Speech Easy is a wonderful person’ you might say ‘Sam at Speech Easy is a wonderful Speech Pathologist’

Outcomes – How did they make a difference

This one can be really difficult, but if you can, share how this provider made a difference. If they’ve helped you achieve something you couldn’t before, that’s an awesome outcome that people want to know about. It may be as simple as ‘ Thanks to Speech Easy, I feel more confident in my everyday life’

Tell both sides

Whether this is an amazing provider or a not-so-amazing provider, you can normally identify something they do well and something they could improve. If you can share both, you can help people make an informed choice about whether this provider is right for them (we are a big, broad, diverse community after all). You will also be helping the provider see where they are getting it right and give them ideas about how they can improve, which will help them too!

Let’s get to it

So there you have it, now that you know how to write a great review – let’s give it a go

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