How to embed social posts in your profile

Embedding posts and tweets from social media is a great way to showcase what your community says about your service. If you are a premium provider with a gold or silver profile pack, you have the option to embed public tweets, facebook posts or facebook reviews with your profile.

To add a social post:

  1. Head to Facebook or Twitter and find the public post you would like include in your profile
  2. Copy the link to the post (more on how to do this below)
  3. Add the link to one of the Social Comment fields in your Manage Listings profile editor
  4. Update Profile

Your profile will now showcase the Twitter or Facebook post you have chosen on your profile. This relies on the API’s of Twitter and Facebook, so in the case of Facebook reviews, the star-rating is not imported. The social content you include is separate from reviews and doesn’t count towards overall ratings. Instead, these posts provide social context for users and give extra information about your service.


How to find the link to a facebook post   How to find the link to a tweet