How to find a link to a Facebook review or post

Finding the link to a Facebook review or Facebook post can be a bit tricky. If you’re a early adopter or have a social, recommended or featured profile pack, you can embed Facebook reviews and posts using the social comment feature available in your profile editor. To help you get the links you need to embed your Facebook review or post, we created a quick guide to help.

  1. Head to Facebook
  2. Log in to your Facebook account
  3. Find the review or post you wish to include in your profile
  4. Check the post is public by looking for the little globe icon
    Public facebook posts have a globe
  5. Click (or right click) on the date of the post to get a direct link
    Direct link to FB post or review

You can now use this direct link to the facebook post or review to embed this content in your profile. Simply head to your profile editor in Manage Listings and add the link in one of your Social Comment fields. Read more about embedding social posts here