I’m a provider, how can I update my profile on CareNavigator.com.au?

Thank you for keeping your information up to date! Accurate and informative profiles help navigators find you and connect.

To Claim your profile:

Claim Care Navigator Profile

  1. Search CareNavigator.au for your organisation’s profile
  2. Click on “? Is this you? Claim Profile” (just above the Review & Contact buttons at the top of the profile)
  3. Choose your profile pack
  4. Submit your claim

We will then confirm your account and activate your access so you can customise your profile. This process may take time and allows us to protect your profile from fraudulent claims. Please do not submit multiple claims for the same profile.

Premium profile types have a guaranteed processing time, however due to service cost we are unable to guarantee processing for Basic profiles.

Once your claim is approved you are added as the profile manager. You will then have the option to manage your profiles.

To update your profile

Once your claim is approved, you can log in and on Manage Your Profile you’ll now find your profile listed.

Underneath your profile you have the option to customise your profile information by clicking on ‘Edit’. If you manage multiple profiles, each profile will have it’s own ‘Edit’ link underneath it.

Click on ‘Edit’ and you will be taken to a page where you can update your organisations description, add links to your social profiles, update your address and let people know why they should choose your organisation for their care.