The most common reason a profile does not appear in your profile manager after you submit your claim is because your claim has not yet been processed. We manually process every claims to ensure that when a claim is made, it comes from someone who really represents the provider.

This trust and responsibility is important for providers, and for everyone in our community. Our humans and machines check that the right person is given the keys to each profile.

If you’ve selected one of our premium profiles, you should expect your claim to be processed in 2 business days (assuming everything checks out). If you’ve chosen our free basic profile while making your claim, please allow up to 3 weeks for your claim to be processed.

Premium: claims processed in under 2 business days

Free: claims processed in up to 3 weeks

If the processing time has passed and your profile still does not appear in your profile manager, please contact us so that we can trouble shoot any issues further.