What is the difference between Self-Managed NDIS Providers and NDIS Registered Providers?

As part of its purpose to improve the choice of people with disability in Australia, the National Disability Insurance Scheme gives those who are able and choose to the opportunity to manage their own funding. People who self-manage their NDIS funds have even greater choice over who provides and how they receive supports.

Self-managing allows people to choose (almost) any provider of care they see fit. In this way, Self Managing your NDIS funds maximises your choice and control in accessing the care that is right for you.

Those who do not manage their own funds (those who’s plans are managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency) still have choice in their care providers. However, they are limited to those providers who have gone through the NDIA’s registration process and met minimum criteria.

Plan Management is a third option that is mid-way between Self Managing and NDIA management. An NDIA approved plan manager can manage part or all of your NDIS funds. Plan managers are then responsible for ensuring that the providers who support you are right for your needs and sound providers of care.

Profiles on CareNavigator.com.au show providers as either NDIS Registered, meaning they are free to work with all forms of NDIS (Self-managed, Plan Managed and NDIA managed), or Self-Managed NDIS, meaning they are able to work with people who self-manage or plan manage their NDIS funds.