Who Can Give A Review On CareNavigator.com.au?

Reviews are open. Our goal is to provide a place where people, whether they are care consumers, carers or people with experience can share their knowledge of the best care providers in their area.


While we don’t accept self-reviews (reviews by employees or owners of a provider), we do provide the opportunity to providers to customise profiles of their service to best represent themselves. We also welcome care professionals to share their experience and give reviews to other providers they recommend to people in their community. Our purpose in this approach is to remove the conflict of interest in self-reviews, while still welcoming the valuable knowledge that care professionals bring to our community.

What if I use a service and also work there, can I give a review?

Yes. We understand that with the growth of online support worker hiring platforms and even among traditional providers it is increasingly common for people to both work for and receive supports from a provider.

If you would like to give a review for a provider that you both use and work for, we ask that you share this context in the same way you might if you were recommending the provider offline. For example “I’ve been using Alex’s Physio for the past year and now also work there part time”.

What should I include when giving my review?

For any review, letting other users know your perspective (whether your review is as a consumer, carer or care professional) is also a great way to help them understand your experience. We encourage you to give as much context as you are comfortable with sharing when you share a review.

Care Navigator was built with the belief that sharing experiences is key to helping each other make the right decision when choosing care. If you have experience, please share it with our community. By sharing your experience of care you’ll be helping empower people to make informed decisions about their care.

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