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Thank you for your interest in joining our community as a provider. We currently profile thousands of providers all across Australia and we love to add more of you wonderful people to our community. By our first birthday we had already welcomed 25,000 people to CareNavigator and it is humbling to welcome new friends and old every day.

There are  3 ways to get a provider profile on CareNavigator and they are as follows…..

How to get a profile on CareNavigator.com.au

1) The Easy, Fast Way

The absolutely easiest way to go from no profile to a very smart looking presence here on our wonderful community is to subscribe to a premium profile. For less than your daily frappe mocha latte with sprinkles, you can get your organisation in front of people who are looking for NDIS providers like you today. Your subscription makes our community real, so if you believe all Australian’s deserve a community to find and celebrate great care, subscribe!

Get noticed and support our community with a premium profile. It is easy, fast to get started and great value.

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2) The Easy, Slow Way

The second way to get a profile on CareNavigator is also the easiest. If your spirit animal is the sloth, you only want a basic acknowledgement you exist with just your name and not much else and you have no urgent need to join our community, then this one is for you.

CareNavigator is a community focused on helping people find NDIS providers. To do this we build our profiles based on researching documents and files published publicly by the NDIA. If you are already a registered NDIS, kick back, have a tim tam and wait…at some point, eventually there will be a basic profile for your service on CareNavigator.com.au. Be sure to check in from time to time and see when it is up!

3) The Hard Way

The third way to get a profile on CareNavigator is the hardest – earn it.

CareNavigator is a community for people all across Australia looking for great providers. We love our community and we want the best care providers to be featured here. If you are an amazing provider, ask the people who use your service to give you a review using this link. The provider with the most unique reviews each month will be added to our community with a profile of their very own service!

Competition for the hard, slow way is fierce. The best way to win is with the support of the people who love what you do. Email them, facebook them, tweet them. Get this link to them any way you can and ask them to give you a review. Ask them for their support in helping you become this month’s winner, Every review counts, so ask the people that count, the people that know and love your service ❤️

Will you be the next provider profiled on CareNavigator.com.au?

The link: https://www.carenavigator.com.au/home/quick-review/

  1. Share this with the people who love your service
  2. Get the most reviews this month
  3. And you could be this month’s winner

With a new profile for your service on CareNavigator.com.au, you’ll be the talk of the town ?