Batch Uploads (Per Location)

Easily add provider profiles for multiple service locations.

Pricing is per location, so if you have 7 locations, you would add 7 to your basket. So easy!

How many locations are you adding?


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How to quickly create multiple profiles on

Are you a care provider with multiple service locations? Wondering how to start multiple profiles with minimum fuss?

We’ve created this batch upload tool to help you more easily get profiles started for each of your service locations. Simply add the number of service locations you’d like to profile to your basket and checkout.

You’ll then receive a link to our batch upload tool. Add your details and return it to us to get your profiles up and running. Pricing is exclusive of GST. The Batch Upload Tool is built in Microsoft Excel and requires you to select the ‘enable macros‘ option when you open the spreadsheet.

The tool includes data fields for all profile types (Basic, Bronze, Silver & Gold). However you will only need to fill the fields that reflect your intended subscription level. So if you are looking to list all locations with the Gold Profile, you would fill in all fields, whereas if you were only looking to list with the Bronze Profile you would only fill in the Basic and Bronze fields.

While that delicious batch of almond swirls doesn’t come with Batch Upload tool, this will give you more time for tea and snacks!

***Just to be super clear, this is an Excel spreadsheet, not a tray of delicious baked goods. It also requires you to have access to Microsoft’s Excel in order to use it. If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing, always happy to help 🙂 ***